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Hello, I rent a house were the garbage disposal stopped working and I need an estimate. Please let me know. Thanks!

Carolina D

Water heater replacement. In attic

Anna V

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Plumbing - Plumbing Questions
1.20 I need a good name for a Plumbing company, anyone??

Q. Howdy, My husband is starting his own Plumbing business. We would love some help from all of you! We live in Florida. We like funny or professional. I love to play on words. Any and all suggestions! Oh, our last name is Cooper........Yes we have already heard the ones that rhyme with that! Some that people have come up with are: Plumb-rite Pipes-R-Us All Florida Plumbing Please help!!!

A. Here is a totally different approach to selecting a name for your husband's Plumbing company that can involve your best friends and be fun at the same time. Try this link: and follow the suggestions. Good Luck

1.20 Is Standford University in CA. Is it required to pay PREVAILING WAGE scale rates to Plumbing contractors? The?

Q. When a Plumbing contract exceeds 300k are employees entitled to Prevailing Wage Pay Scale? Aren't all schools, Government buildings, state jobs prevailing?

A. Yes Stanford Univ. is in Palo Alto,California. I don't know where Standford University is. What has the plumbing contractors question got to do with it? Go Cardinals

1.20 Where can I purchase a plumbing tool?

Q. I have a regular snake type of plumbing tool, is there something similar but electric and not too pricy? yes i know i know home depot has it.... but is there any other place...?

A. Home depo

1.20 Which website can direct me to Hale Plumbing Services or Sale Plumbing?


A. Try TWF the website is They are very reliable and do a really good job. The price is really good too. Hope this is a help.

1.20 What kind of contractor to repair fungus on subfloor?

Q. I was told I have water damage to the subfloor under my toilet. I assume that means pipes and/or toilet fixtures that are leaking, which once located will need repairing, plus replacing the wood subfloor where damaged. Do I need a water damage specialist, plumbing contractor, wood floor contractor? I have no idea, but can't handle too many different contractors....

A. Get yourself a handy man that can do many jobs instead of paying 2 sometimes 3 diff contractors i suggest you do that but if your talking about fungus please be careful with that depending on the issue you have and depends on what Chems get into that fungus you might have to get an inspector to check that out... please don't keep inhaling that stuff it's no good.

1.20 What can i do to make my resume better?

Q. Guy Mikesell 1440 SW 171st Terrace ♦ Pembroke Pines, Fl 33027 ♦ 954-430-1571 Objective: In pursuit of a challenging project supervisor opportunity that would allow me to utilize my process improvement solutions to achieve overall team success. Experience Pro 24 Security and InvestigationsDavie, Florida Area Supervisor04/2008 to 07/2008 ·Supervised and coordinated the activities of 100 security guards ·Interpreted specifications, blueprints and job orders to workers and assigned daily responsibilities ·Trained and managed 60 guards; through training achieved significant improvements in daily productivity ·Supervised 19 different job sites to ensure guards were alert and following proper procedures ·Analyzed daily work problems of associates and implemented actions plans to resolve the issues Custom Flooring IncPompano Beach, Florida Warehouse and Site Supervisor05/2005 to 08/2006 ·Reviewed and approved work orders and construction proposals for 40 tile installers ·Conferred with engineers and subordinates ·Assisted in field surveys in order to resolve problems between drywall, plumbing, and building contractors ·Supervised 2 warehouse associates and provided them with guidance on what tools should be used for their daily jobs Custom Flooring IncPembroke Pines, Florida Warehouse and Customer Service Mgr01/1999 to 06/2004 ·Supervised and managed 40 tile installers ·Implemented new product sheet processes that increased warehouse productivity ·Oversaw the handling of all order shortages of material for jobs ·Implemented new warehouse organization to achieve a more effective work environment; arranged warehouse to accommodate carpet, tile and wood orders which allowed orders to be side marked and arranged by job start dates Abbey Carpet and TilePembroke Pines, Florida Sales Representative / Customer Service Manager06/1998 to 01/1999 ·Executed daily operations of customer relations ·Reviewed and approved work orders and construction proposals ·Reorganized warehouse which resulted in a more productive and work friendly environment; arranged warehouse to accommodate carpet, tile, and wood orders to ensure materials were side marked as they arrived and verified all delivery orders were complete Independent Tile & Marble Contractor Davie, Florida Owner01/1986 to 06/1998 ·Completed all estimates for customers ·Installed tile and marble floors ·Managed all customer relations and daily activities of the business Certifications: In the process of renewing Tile and Marble License and Flooring License Additional employment experience available upon request


1.20 Unpaid balance?

Q. My father has requested me to repair two rental properties of his that were extensivly damaged inside & out. He has paid for 95% of Materials which is all good, However since i have completed the jobs one has been rented the other awaits to be occupied. he has paid me $1,100.00 for both rentals and there was never a set price. I was thinking another $1,000.00 would be a respectful amount for all the repairs, such as removing all left behind debri's, 100% Interior Painting, Sub Floor Patch work, Drywall, Plumbing fixture installation (Toilet), Vanitys, Vinyl Bath Floor covering(1), Water Heater installation(1), Electrical Fixture Installation (Several) and various Maintenance & other repairs. I asked him for a few hundred dollars & he said all the work is done and that he has allready paid me up to date. I am really upset with this and in my eyes another $1,000.00 is not unreasonable to say the least. what should i say or do, he is my father but..............???????

A. Even from relatives, get things in writing. Now learn by your mistake and don't let this happen again.

1.20 If this is stated in the lease, who is responsible for a new AC unit in a building I just leased a month ago?

Q. Repairs by Tenant: Tenant shall keep by routine maintenance, repair, and replacement, at its sole cost and expense, the interior of the Premises, together with the storefront and all doors and windows of the Premises, and all electrical, plumbing, and any other mechanical installations serving the Premises or located therein, whether or not in or under the floor slab or on the roof of the Premises, in good condition and working order. Tenant agrees to employ a suitable contractor to perform Tenant's obligations for maintenance of the heating, cooling and ventilating units of the Premises, including at least semiannual inspections and cleaning of the system together with such servicing as each such inspection shall disclose, or as shall otherwise be reasonably required by Landlord. In the event Tenant fails to perform its maintenance, repair, or replacement obligations as provided herein, Landlord may, at its option, perform such remedial action on behalf of Tenant, and Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord, as Additional Rent, the cost thereof plus fifteen (15.0%) percent overhead promptly upon demand by Landlord. Georgia

A. The landlord is responsible for all major repairs. If the unit is bad, that is not considered maintenance.

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